• School Building
  • Auditorium
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Science Labs
  • Library
  • Infirmary
  • Computer Centres
  • Language Lab
  • Counsellor's Room
  • Resource Room
  • Play Pen
  • Recreational Rooms
  • Class Rooms
  • Faculty Rooms

School Building

JKPS boasts of modern school building with hi-tech infrastructure and facilities. Spacious classrooms with modern comfortable furniture along with green boards and Educomp/Extramarks smart boards in each class add to its authenticity. Adding grace and beauty to all this is a beautiful central lawn , that enhances the aesthetics of the surroundings.


Situated on the first floor, JKPS auditorium is equipped with the most modern audio visual facilities and a massive seating capacity, hosts various events including Annual day , Inter School and Intra Class Competitions, Workshops , Career fairs etc. Various competitions held in the auditorium gives a variety of exposure to the students in showcasing their talents and groom their inborn virtues.

Multipurpose Hall

Situated on the ground floor, JKPS Assembly Hall is well ventilated and has a massive seating capacity to perform various activities for students inter school and intra class competitions, workshops etc. Various competitions held in the multipurpose Hall to gives a variety of exposure to the students in showcasing their talents and groom their inborn virtues. 

Science Labs

Science is a natural and fundamental part of our lives and can be regarded as 'organised curiosity': It helps the children to understand the world around them. In order to understand the concepts of science,one has to look beyond the books and conventional classroom teaching.JKPS combines classroom teaching with laboratory experiments to ensure that their students grasp each and every concept thoroughly. JKPS has well equipped laboratory facilities which allow students to learn through practical investigations, developing skills of observing, comparing, predicting, testing, communicating and recording.Biology , Chemistry and Physics labs provide first hand learning experience to the students in the respective subjects by performing various experiments on their own.

Bio Lab

School provides opportunities to it's students to learn various methods and processes. Experiments conducted in Biology lab create learning environment that encourages critical thinking. Students are encouraged to work in small groups leading to peer teaching.


The library at JKPS has a good collection of books on a whole range of subjects like Arts, Literature, Science and General Knowledge. Number of books suited to the interest and aptitude of students of different age groups ,with its calm and tranquil atmosphere,where students can go and quench their thirst of knowledge is conducive to building the knowledge of self learning.Students are encouraged to make use of this facility extensively and develop the habit of reading good books.Besides including a huge collection of books for scholastic, co-scholastic development of students.

The library also boasts of its E-library corner which facilitates E-Learning with PDFs , animated videos , presentations , fun filled e-stories for the primary section and much more.
The well equipped automated library of JKPS exhibits positive impact on the academic achievement of the students .


School Infirmary

The school Infirmary is equipped with the basic materials and facilities to address the health needs of learners while in school. The school conducts medical checkup once a year for all students .This includes measuring height, weight , dental and eye check up.
Students suffering from chronic diseases like Asthma, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Heart diseases etc. are adviced to be under continous medical supervisionof a doctor,who is a specialist in the concerned field. History of ailments must be filled up in the Almanac along with details regarding the treatment and the medicines prescribed by the concerned doctor.
Parents are also advised to keep the Class Teacher and School Infirmary Incharge informed regarding the medical / health problems which may have developed during the academic year.
A child suffering from any infectious / contageous diseases such as Cunjunctivities, Chickenpox should join school only after the mandatory period of quarantine is over along with the medical fitness certificate. Deworm at least once every year on the advice of the family physician advised as well as parents in case of a medical emergency immediate help is provided by doctors at Pentamed Hospital.

Computer Centre

Junior Computer Lab

Multimedia Computer Lab

Language Labs

The High tech language lab is under renovation .The four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking will be catered to through rigorous practice in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE LABORATORY. Provisions for Audio/Video out Audio/Video in, Microphone and control panel for input lessons along with separate head phones and a mike for each student will facilitate proficiency in pronunciation, accent, and language flow most effectively.

Counsellor's Room

Counselling is an integral part of schooling at JKPS.The counsellors not only provide remedies; but guide and facilitate students and parents as well. Awell furnished counsellor room with trained counsellors provide sustainable solution for students' academic, social , mental and emotional development. 

Resource Room

It’s rightly said that if real training is to take place, our classrooms must be dependent not only on the accuracy of the learners but also on the resourcefulness of its staff members.
Teachers need other Teachers. This is not a job that can be done solely. Collaboration and professional skills are vital in keeping teachers sane and productive. Teachers need prominent co-workers. The Teacher Resource Room (TRR) at JKPS is well equipped with computers and resource material that not only provides just co-workers but also friends. When teachers work well together in a resource room the whole school supersedes. Computer specialists are always on-hand to assist in using the equipment and locating resources for class assignments, complete exam-related backup or CBSE related work/data uploading, etc
All teachers who wish to use the Teacher Resource Room (TRR) adhere to all policies and procedures laid down by the school to ensure complete compliance.  

Play Pen

“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up. “Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” – Michael Jordan Games play a pivotal role in the makeup of young students as they inculcate the values of discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, sacrifice, and accountability in young impressionable minds.
The huge arena provided in the campus caters to the needs of the budding sportspersons. To ensure balanced growth of body and mind, the school has a huge sports arena which fields many outdoor and indoor sports.
Also, fun sports games are one fun thing that nearly all kids can agree upon. Whether it’s team sports activities, sports games for kids, kids exercise, or even just talking about sports, there is something for everyone.  

Recreational Rooms

Art Room

A place where a swish of a paintbrush, or a little splotch of glue is all it takes to go from mundane to magnificent. Armed with a dash of colours and a whole lot of fun, discover easy-to-make art and craft projects is an important feature at JKPS art room.

Music Room

JKPS provides an ambient atmosphere for the budding musicians.The music faculty provides the necessary life and charm to the rhythmic career of Jaspalians.

Dance Room

Dance Room at JKPS is a perfect example of unity in diversity. With all types of learning; be it classical,regional,folk or western, teachers teach the importance of coordination and cooperation. The dance room is equipped with all the necessary facilities to shape the career of future dancers of the nation. Here the children learn various forms of Indian, folk dance and get an insight into the rich Indian culture.

Class Rooms

The classroom, a second teacher for any student.
A large part of the child’s time is spent perching in a school classroom. This is the place where they discover the various skills deemed necessary and proper for them to achieve success in a global society. 
 At Jaspal Kaur Public School, e-learning is accorded a top priority. Smart class-boards have been installed in the classrooms. This ensures that the students schooling with us are better equipped to meet the challenges of modern-day living and learning. The teacher can enhance the classroom teaching experience by using a plethora of modules. Such learning through audio-visual aids is better absorbed and retained since abstract concepts are given concrete shapes and colours. This works as a catalyst in the teaching-learning process and the classroom becomes a ‘microcosm’. Children are also shown moral stories, educational movies, and many puzzles, quizzes, etc. They are also trained to make PowerPoint presentations to carry out their creative genius. 
The classrooms are bright and airy. The furniture and décor of each classroom has been designed according to different age groups to facilitate improved teaching and learning. The school has also installed CCTV cameras at every nook and corner for the safety of students and the staff members.
 The use of such cutting-edge technology with dedicated and trained teachers has been salutary to make the class more interactive and the lessons more engaging.

Faculty Rooms

A school staff room is a place where educators spend the majority of their non-teaching school time. A staff room is important for improving staff wellbeing, and building a sense of community and connectedness.
Space must demonstrate to the staff that they are valued in the school community. A staff room not only functions as a physical space but also as a social, cultural, and emotional space for its occupants. More than this it is an important sight for influencing curriculum and resource decisions. It also represents a place where there is potential to learn certain things beyond classrooms, even without students.
The décor of the teachers’ room sets the tone for each educational setting, lending an air of professionalism, or establishing a more colleague-friendly faculty lounge.
To build such wide growth amongst teachers, the school has different staff rooms where the teachers sit together to plan their lessons, discuss and share their ideas in teaching different subjects, work together to build a better learning environment for students.
The staff rooms at JKPS are very spacious and properly ventilated. Each teacher is given personal space to keep reference books, teaching, and learning materials. They are also given a locker to keep their personal and important stuff. It also has a refrigerator and a hot case.
Staff rooms are meant to build a friendly, professional, and efficient service. Our staff rooms are perfect to create such an environment.
We ensure that our teachers not only remain occupied in their classrooms but also that they get a learning atmosphere in the staffroom as well.