IDS ( International Dimensions in School )

International Dimensions in School Programme (2019-2022) - British Council

The school is proud to announce the winning of award for International Dimensions in School Programme for the third time in a row i.e. (2013-16), (2016-19) and (2019-22). The school had conducted a plethora of activities (both in-house and collaborative) as an endeavour to acquire and manifest the international dimension in the overall school curriculum and ethos. It is a great achievement for the school that strives to maintain a global outlook and international perspective as a part of its curriculum. The whole concept of being a part of IDA has developed critical thinking about global issues in our students and thus helped them to become a part of the globally aware and responsible society.
As a part of the IDA action plan, the school planned and executed seven different projects for students of different age groups from Preschool to Class XII. The school secured full marks i.e. 49/49 for meeting all the standards of international dimensions. The students were involved in a collaborative curriculum- based work and year round activities based on international framework. We are extremely proud of this award as during the process of accreditation, the exposure provided to the children, not only widened their spectrum of learning but also developed their global outlook and gave each one of them a remarkable sense of achievement.